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 Zinnia Macchia   Zinnia Macchia

I want people to be overwhelmed with light and color in some way that they’ve never experienced. —Dale Chihuly

The captivating color combinations of Dale Chihuly’s Macchia series—exuberant and unexpected—achieve the artist’s vision of a visceral experience in color and light. With opaque and translucent hues layered one over the other, the works in this series appear to glow with an internal radiance. Art historian Robert Hobbs’s description of Chihuly’s Macchia communicates the brilliance of the pieces: “Seen under bright light they look like nature caught on fire, nature in molten flux, nature in the process of being created.”

The Zinnia Macchia, one of the four 2014 Chihuly Workshop Studio Editions, is a luminous and vibrantly colorful piece from the Macchia series. Small spots of glimmering green, red, yellow, and orange move across the vivid chartreuse surface. Contrasting these lush colors, the body wrap emphasizes the fluctuating movement of the sculpture’s supple form. A lemon yellow lip wrap outlines the edge of the piece, which bows dramatically to allow full view of the dazzling raspberry interior.

This handblown Studio Edition is signed by Chihuly and measures approximately nine inches in height. It is accompanied by a custom-designed display vitrine and a copy of Chihuly alla Macchia, a book detailing the evolution of this series, with 104 photographs and an introduction by Hobbs.

The 2014 Zinnia Macchia embodies the striking color combinations of this impressive series.

Price includes $100 for shipping and handling within the US.


 $7,100.00  Buy Now 
 Marigold Persian   Marigold Persian

Dale Chihuly’s Persian series is the culmination of his fascination with spontaneous forms and bold colors. Spiraling, fluctuating, and pulsing, these forms are singular, stand-alone objects alluring viewers with their seeming fluidity and complexity. “Over the years, these assemblages of glass elements have become more and more complex: smaller forms sometimes spill out of larger rondels to create compositions that range up to almost six feet in width,” notes curator Davira S. Taragin. Chihuly’s Persians have now become an integral component of many of his major installations, yet alone they possess a timeless allure.

Resting on a ball foot, with gently fluted edges and fine lines that spiral around the body, the 2014 Studio Edition Marigold Persian is a quintessential example of the forms found in the Persian series. The face of the sculpture, cast in bright yellow, centers around the intricate radial patterns of the red body wrap; a blue lip wrap defines the scalloped, softly folded edge.

The Marigold Persian measures approximately eight inches across, is handblown, and is signed by the artist. Accompanying the Studio Edition is a custom-designed Plexiglas vitrine as well as a copy of the book Chihuly Persians, with sixty color reproductions and an essay by Tina Oldknow.

The 2014 Chihuly Workshop Marigold Persian is a vibrant representation of this captivating series and will be a brilliant addition to any collection.

Price includes $100 for shipping and handling within the US.


 $4,600.00  Buy Now 
 Sahara Basket Set   Sahara Basket Set

Dale Chihuly’s Basket series was inspired by a collection of Northwest Coast Indian baskets that had begun to collapse from aging. “When Chihuly saw these misshapen fiber baskets, he saw the essence of glass,” explains Henry Geldzahler, then a curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Chihuly interprets this essence by creating a three-dimensional portrait extruded from gravity, breath, and heat. Translated from a molten substance, the Baskets curve with a supple grace and appear to yield to a tension that is more sensed than seen.

The 2014 Studio Edition Sahara Basket Set contains this expression of the material essence of glass. The larger, transparent magenta element is gently collapsed with trails of fine, golden-colored glass thread over its surface. A smaller, tonally opaque element rests inside the arcing rim of the Basket’s mouth, visually exposed by the transparency of the larger piece in the work.

The Sahara Basket Set measures approximately eleven inches wide by four inches high. Chihuly’s signature appears on the smaller piece. Also included is a custom-designed Plexiglas vitrine and a copy of Chihuly Baskets, the 110-page Chihuly Workshop publication with an essay by curator Davira S. Taragin detailing the history of the Basket series.

A combination of luxurious color and graceful form characterizes the Sahara Basket Set.

Price includes $100 for shipping and handling within the US.


 $5,600.00  Buy Now 
 Maya Blue Persian Pair   Maya Blue Persian Pair

From a technical standpoint, the artist Dale Chihuly explains the Persian series as a “tour de force.” Symmetrical in the initial phase of the blowing process, the glass is slowly pushed to the limits of its stability. With the glass heated until it is ready to collapse, its symmetry disappears, and it reaches a point of fine delicacy where gravity takes over in the creation of the final form. The result is an exotic, dramatic, and fluid sculpture rich with color.

The Maya Blue Persian Pair, a 2014 Chihuly Workshop Studio Edition, exemplifies the skill and technical aspects that characterize this series. The two-piece composition, interpreted in deep sumptuous blues and vivid orange, immediately captures the eye. The molded ribs create an eloquent scalloping effect emphasizing the fluent movement of the sculpture, its edges gilded with a flame-orange lip wrap. Inside the piece a small, striped element echoes the striking color palette of the work.

This Studio Edition is handblown and measures approximately eleven inches across. The large element is signed by Chihuly. Also included is a display vitrine and the Chihuly Workshop publication Chihuly Persians, a hardcover book that features an essay by Tina Oldknow and sixty photographs detailing this enigmatic series.

The Maya Blue Persian Pair offers a captivating glimpse into Chihuly’s dynamic Persians.

Price includes $100 for shipping and handling within the US.


 $6,600.00  Buy Now 
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